Archive | September 2014

Referendum envy

By Jim Brown

Apparently one of the biggest reasons many Scots are voting Yes in Thursday’s referendum is they are fed up with decades of Conservative rule from Westminster and want a more humane, progressive government. There are times when I almost envy the Yes side.


Now that’s a dirty job

By Jim Brown

I just learned Amazing Race Canada competitors will be pawing through piles of manure in next Tuesday’s (Sept 9) PEI episode. Perhaps they are searching for the Conservative Party of Canada’s ethics guide for MPs and senators.

Putin imposes harsh sanctions on own country

By Jim Brown

Russia is a former superpower trying to punch above its weight by annexing Crimea and now eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. What is ironic about all this is that the West has been very careful about imposing sanctions that send a message to Vladimir Putin and yet cause minimal damage to Russia’s economy. But Putin, like all tin-pot dictators, over-reached. In addition to expanding his invasion, he imposed sanctions on Europe and North America that will hurt his country’s economy far worse and cause just the sort of damage the EU and NATO was trying to avoid.