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Dusk falls on Stanley River

The sun’s fading rays reflect off ice and open water on the Stanley River. Late January, 2015.015


Conservatives flock to wrong line

Given the latest depressing poll results by the CBC showing Harper has a good shot at winning the next election, I’m convinced when brains were handed out Conservative supporters were in the line for income-splitting tax breaks.

Bitterly cold day on the trail

Hikers had to endure temperatures plunging as low as -30 C, with the wind 004chill, on Jan 17, during a walk along the Warburton Road near Hunter River. Even dogs needed extra protection on one of the coldest days of the winter.

Strange sights on Beck Trail

023Members of the Charlottetown-based Trails 4 All hiking club encountered some unusual sights along the Beck Trail, near Murray River, in early January. They included at least three derelict cars, several decades old.

Supporters give a free pass to Conservative government

If the hard-right, reason-be-damned, selfish, arrogant, corrupt and incompetent Conservative Party of Canada had a vision for the country that extended beyond boutique tax cuts for the well-to-do, it died a long time ago, bludgeoned and beaten to a bloody stain in the carpet.
Conservatives just don’t care about anything other than their own narrow constituency. Anyone with a flicker of compassion for struggling Canadians can confirm this bleak view just by visiting the CPC’s website. The latest two offerings loudly trumpet the party’s unhealthy obsession with law and order issues.
One post to supporters proclaims 150 convicted American sex offenders were turned back at the border while another takes fulsome credit for evicting 50 “foreign” criminals, thanks to tougher legislation.
There are precious few details – for instance, it sure would be nice to know if those if those happy accomplishments happened over the course of the past week, month, year or decade. And we have no basis of comparison with previous governments, but of course, progressives would be naïve to expect that kind of information. It would also be nice to know how many Canadian sex offenders were turned back by American border security personnel. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing if they actually turned more Canadians back than we turned back Americans, considering the USA has 10 times our population?
Instead, we are left with an image of a government foaming at the mouth to send people, especially it would seem, “foreigners” to jail. It sure would be nice if we heard something about strategies to help the working poor, particularly families with children, or to start healing the environment. Sure would be nice, as well, if they started to do something about the deficit and debt, instead of continuing to give money away to rich folks and multinational corporations who happen to call the tar sands home.
Years ago, when the CPC’s true nature became known, I thought for sure millions of Conservative supporters would turn away in disgust. Instead donations have shot up, as have party rolls. And the CPC continues its assault on cherished Canadian values and institutions, not to mention our democratic rights.
Conservative legislators have even passed measures to suppress voting among Canadians opposed to the Harper government’s agenda.
We had all hoped Conservative supporters would see the light. Sadly, it appears they are willing to turn a blind eye to their party’s many sins. Thank God drunk drivers don’t get that kind of pass from society.

Even with a stalling economy Conservatives still hold an ace card

The price of oil is falling like a stone and so are projected federal revenues. All told, billions will be siphoned away from government coffers, hurting the Harper government’s efforts to balance the budget and pay rich folks up to $2,000 a year through income splitting.

Everything once seemed so rosy with $100-plus oil and now an air of panic and desperation is seizing the PMO. How do they convince Canadians, who were expecting a balanced budget and cheques in the mail (at least for 10 to 15 per cent of families, most of whom are Tory supporters), that everything is all right? Many other supporters are hoping their six figure plus jobs in the oil patch won’t be lost as well as the jobs that support the petrochemical industry.

Quite simply all Conservative candidates have to say is the economy is in a fragile state. Something like this: “Would you leave our economy to the tender mercies of a callow frat boy? Or a wannabe PM whose party never left the parental basement – a party that was never in power and, until the 2011 election, never even held the status of Official Opposition?

“Sure, we screwed up with the environment, took a broad axe to science and research, showed little compassion for disabled war vets and were responsible for the Senate follies. But this is the time for a firm, steady hand at the tiller, especially during these difficult economic times and with terrorists running around shooting and decapitating people.”

And, based on recent history, it just might work.

Winter perfect time for a hike in Winter River

An early winter hike on the Winter River trail system, eastern PEI, offered much beauty to contemplate, including this incredible view of a river slowly icing up. A park bench came in handy for several036 hikers after an arduous two hour walk.