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And what about the rest of us?

By Jim Brown

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated to the media, on his good buddy Peter MacKay’s departure, if it weren’t for MacKay’s hard work bringing about the merger of the Alliance and PC parties: “the lives of all of Canada’s conservatives would have been bound in shallows and miseries.” Funny, isn’t that how most Canadians feel since the Conservative Party of Canada came to power in 2006?


Time for Conservative supporters to step up

By Jim Brown

C’mon Conservative supporters. Time to stand up and fight for your brand. Do you really think many of the recent high-profile departures of Harper government cabinet ministers were for “personal” or “family” reasons? Do you really think Albertans turning against an entrenched, entitled and arrogant PC government after 43 years of rule is an electoral anomaly? The departing federal MPs see the writing on the wall, why don’t you? Demand better from your party before it ends up in the ashcan of history.

Keep the number of debates to two

By Jim Brown

I doubt most Canadians, even political nuts such as myself, will have any interest in federal debates other than the two organized by a consortium of Canadian broadcasters (up to 14 million viewers). I think it’s a mistake for the NDP and the Greens to participate in other debates favored by the Conservatives outside the writ period and only available to much smaller, more fragmented audiences and only on such limiting issues as the economy and foreign affairs. I just have no interest in watching candidates (especially the Conservatives) rehash the same talking points ad nauseam. Two broad based debates covering a wide range of issues are more than enough and if the Conservatives don’t show up, Screw Em’. The empty chair will be more eloquent than Stephen Harper ever was about the CPC’s vision for the future of Canada.

Lobster season underway in North Rustico

By Jim Brown

A long column of lobster vessels heads out to sea on the first morning of the spring lobster fishery in North Rustico. May 8 was setting day at ports throughout PEI. Despite a week-long delay in the season, due to poor weather conditions, lobster was still available for Mother’s Day.1014

Lobster season ready to launch

By Jim Brown

Thousands of traps and dozens of vessels were assembled at North Rustico wharf for the start of the 2015 spring lobster season earlier this month.200

Lots of snow to clean up, even in May

By Jim Brown

The Resort Municipality of Cavendish was stirring to life in early May, preparing for the eventual arrival of thousands of tourists later in the season. At the Cavendish Tourist Mart three employees were busy shoveling a mountain of snow from in front of the Tourist Mart’s doors. The popular haunt was to open in time for the Victoria Day long weekend.010 013

Where’s the Conservative Party of Canada in PEI’s election?

Thomas Mulcair wasn’t able to stump for the Island New Democrats, but Deputy Leader Megan Leslie was an able fill-in. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May travelled to PEI to help her party and so did Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. That leaves only the PCs without representation from their federal cousins in the waning days of the May 4 provincial election. What gives? Are Islanders cold Camembert to the PMO? Couldn’t our beloved PM have at least sent Pierre Poilievre, or Peter MacKay or Tony Clement, or Paul Colandra to help shore up the vote? If they weren’t available, why not Dean Del Mastro? He’s got some free time I’ve heard. This must be very embarrassing to many PC supporters who probably feel like they’ve been orphaned by the CPC.