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Taking a real dive

By Jim Brown

The Big Splash bridge diving competition, part of Stanley Bridge River Days, was held on Aug 22 at the Stanley Bridge wharf. Divers wowed spectators with an impressive assortment of aerial tricks. 070


What a Conservative thinks about (if he or she thinks at all)

By Jim Brown
How a Conservative’s mind works: Candy, candy, candy…tax cuts, candy, candy, candy, NDP is socialist, Justin is Pierre, can’t be global warming if I’m feeling a chill, candy, candy, candy, why don’t they fix the roads? goddamn activists – get a job, fucking unions, candy, candy, candy, tax breaks, fire them all, don’t touch my goddamn old age pension, throw the bums in jail, tax cuts, why can’t I have Justin’s hair? candy, candy, candy, tax cuts, gimme, gimme, gimme, tough on terror, Harper, Harper, Harper, Harper, tax cuts, candy, candy, candy, f….ing environmentalists, military, military, military, flag, flag, candy, candy, candy, tax cuts, friggin’ eggheads, son could do the job for half the money, goddamn unions, candy, candy, candy, Harper, Harper, Harper. Keep Canada safe. More candy.

This football is all wet

By Jim Brown

Aidan Moland took to the water on a scorching hot day in early August, at his family’s cottage in Fernwood, to play football toss.010 022

Hurting the Conservatives from within

By Jim Brown
The word has gone out! The Conservative Party of Canada needs new blood to get the party and its leader back in office. But I’m wondering, why should only Tory supporters get all the fun?
Shouldn’t we progressives, who want to heal the country after nearly 10 years of ruinous Harper government rule, get a shot at doing something that Conservative operatives have done in previous elections?
They had their robocalls, which directed Liberal and other progressive voters to phantom polling stations, why can’t we have our shot at causing mischief behind enemy lines?
Now I’m not advocating breaking the law. I’m just saying let’s find some legitimate ways to keep Conservatives home on Oct 19 and away from ballot boxes.
So here’s what we can do: Get hundreds of operatives to sign on as volunteers working in Conservative campaign offices, or maybe pounding the streets, knocking on doors on behalf of Conservative candidates.
Worried about being caught out? Believe me, the Conservatives talk a good game about vetting people, but how good can they be when they appoint Mike Duffy to the Senate, along with Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau and a host of others who wouldn’t pass the smell test?
Now that would be a different story if participating progressives happened to be hard-core environmentalists, or, horrors, birdwatchers.
So let’s assume this merry band of mischief-makers are typical Canucks with no criminal records and little contact with the law or Revenue Canada. We don’t need activists here, just ordinary Jills and Joes who want to strike a blow to preserve the best of what is left of this once great country.
Here’s what happens once we get in. Instead of convincing people to vote for the CPC’s candidates we spread damaging rumors that at the very least will deter them from voting. For instance, a canvasser could let it drop casually in a conversation with a committed supporter that Harper isn’t telling the truth about income splitting for rich old farts and had an attack of conscience and is instead, going to raise income taxes for high earners. Or Harper really doesn’t believe in the universal child care benefit and is leaning towards a national day care program or that he is actually going to do something meaningful about reducing oil sands emissions.
Conservative supporters who don’t have a stroke on the spot will tear up their membership cards.
Progressive operatives could also let it slip the Harper government has brought in eight straight deficits and added more than $175 billion to the debt. Many, of course, are so committed to the cause they will close their eyes and ears to anything but the official party talking points. But there are still a few who are capable of independent thought. Maybe enough to turn the tide for Liberal or NDP candidates in close ridings.
Operatives could also work together to spread slurs about an important part of the so-called base. For instance two or three could have a “conspiratorial” discussion in front of a roomful of Conservatives at a rally that would go something like this: “I can’t believe how thick our donors are, they just keep giving us cash whenever we snap our fingers. They actually believe we care about veterans with PTSD and other war-related conditions, about reducing the debt and balancing the books and that sending more Canadians to  already overcrowded penitentiaries and cancelling prison farm programs will make our streets safer or that Bill C-51 isn’t turning us into an authoritarian state. We are the luckiest party in Canada to have such a ‘dumb as bricks’ bunch of supporters to extract money from whenever we need it. It’s the classic boiler room operation and they don’t even have a clue.”
Such a great opportunity to cause tremendous damage from within and we don’t have to use robocalls or commit other forms of electoral fraud to accomplish our goals.
And we must thank Stephen Harper for doubling the length of the campaign – giving us much more time to accomplish our goals!
Thank You Stephen!