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Dazed and confused

By Jim Brown

So Trump supporters are under-educated, angry, exploited, marginalized and sick and tired of being told to sit in a corner and let the establishment/media elites take care of everything. Sorry, although that may all be true it still doesn’t exclude the word “stunned” from any serious analysis.


Canine contemplation

By Jim Brown

The Brown family dog, Charly, spent Easter Sunday pondering some weighty issues at her owners’ house in Stanley Bridge.012

The responsible parents in the room

By Jim Brown

It must be terribly hard for Hillary and Bernie to always play of the role of the responsible parents in the room – always keeping an eye on amped up kids who would tear around and wreck everything in sight if given half a chance. They must yearn for a time, however brief, when they can let they hair down, have some fun, create some mischief of their own. But Ted and Donald and the other GOP candidates would rip off their clothes and run naked into the streets if they weren’t under constant surveillance. Someone has to look after the house and make sure it isn’t burned to the ground. It’s a terrible burden for America’s progressives, or anyone, to bear.

CBC cash infusion bad news for papers

By Jim Brown

Wow. The CBC gets $675 million in the March 22 federal budget, which is great news for millions of Canadians worried about the public broadcaster’s future, especially after brutal cuts under the former government that almost kneecapped it.

But I imagine the publishers of community newspapers and small dailies can’t be too thrilled.

Reference was made in the budget to “providing better access to programs and services in the digital area.” Local CBC outlets across the country provide free access to online articles and don’t require ads to pay for the service, unlike many newspapers which have erected paywalls to protect their online content, all the while shrinking the news hole in their print editions.

Talk about competition for eyeballs.

Many of the CBC’s stories often appear on newspapers’ front pages the next day or even days later. Scary to think what the service will be like with the extra cash over five years.

What a difference a year makes

By Jim Brown

Charly, the Brown family’s beloved German Shepherd-Golden Retriever mix, buried in a mountain of snow on March 16, 2015 just outside the door of her Stanley Bridge home and Charly on the same date, a year later, at nearly the same spot. Snowfall records going back nearly a century for snowfall were shattered on PEI during the brutal winter of 2014-2015.

Why aren’t we wooing GOP refugees?

By Jim Brown

Why are we always behind the eight-ball when it comes to bold new strategies to draw more visitors to PEI for a week, a summer or a lifetime? It’s not as if we’re Newark or some wind-blasted, Godforsaken place far from civilization.

We’ve got beaches and oceans and rippling farmland and charming cottages and Big Box stores.  I guess the real question is: why aren’t we more like Cape Breton, which has benefitted immensely from a DJ’s tongue-in-cheek campaign to create a sanctuary for Americans distressed over the threat of a Trump presidency. No doubt millions of progressives would be tempted to take residence in the Great White North if America descended into a new dark age of ethnic tribalism and ignorance.

Damn, was that a great idea for Cape Breton! Wish someone in our tourism department had thought of it and maybe we’d be getting tens of thousands of clicks on our provincial websites instead. But it’s not too late. All we have to do is set our sights on another demographic. What if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency and millions of Trump supporters aren’t feeling the love in their own country?

We may not have NASCAR but we got a bunch of ‘good old boys and gals’ who drive their ATVs and snowmobiles at reckless speeds everywhere on PEI, including farmers fields and private beaches. I have a feeling they would really go for that kind of fun, especially since the authorities don’t seem to take much interest in enforcing the law. As a generous gesture to ease their adjustment to the Island’s culture and lifestyle tourism officials could encourage former Harper supporters, of which there are thousands still on PEI, to take red state refugees under their arm. They could show them the ropes and the firing ranges and then maybe the duck blinds.

Think of the money that could be made printing thousands of T-shirts and ballcaps with the images of Republican and Tea-Party giants such as Trump, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich. Their ideological cousins could even help them find the right places to buy their dinosaur leashes and plus-sized thongs.

There are so many possibilities and we’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m sure if we made the right pitch we could bring hundreds of busloads across the Bridge in no time at all. Why not enlist Ted Nugent to promote the Island’s unique attractions? Island officials could even issue a special permit allowing the import of black bears for trophy hunting.

Also, it was a crushing blow for Summerside’s pride when the local Starbucks, the city’s gateway to the wider world, was shuttered recently. Why not replace one icon with another? How about a Trump Hotel for PEI’s second largest municipality? I’m sure the PEI government would offer incentives to make it happen if it helped draw thousands of supporters here.

GOP refugees fleeing socialist America would be right at home on PEI. Why are we waiting? Just do it!


Can this be fact-checked?

By Jim Brown

CNN and other media outlets have fact-checked the hell out of every statement, claim and promise in the GOP debates since the election cycle began. What a shame they can’t check the one fact that matters most to millions of Trump supporters. Is there really “no problem” with his manhood?