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Fighting hate with love

By Jim Brown

Instead of going for a hike in PEI’s great outdoors, as I usually do on Saturday, I went on another walk instead, joining as many as 2,000 other Islanders in Charlottetown in a silent procession to Province House.

The march was organized to honour the victims of a terrorist attack on a mosque in Quebec City in which six Muslims were brutally slain as they prayed and several others were seriously wounded.

Marchers called for an end to the divisive, hate-filled rhetoric that turns Canadians against each other and they also condemned the travel ban imposed by the Trump administration on people from seven Muslim majority countries.

Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada are rising and every Canadian has a stake in the fight against Islamophobia.

Judging by the number of people who joined the peaceful march and demonstration, it looks like love won over hate today, said one of the organizers.