Trump and the prosperity curse

By Jim Brown
The Alabama election was a terrific morale boost for progressives and anyone who believes in the basic values of decency, tolerance and compassion for others.
But I fear the moment of truth has arrived for millions of Americans who are fiercely opposed to Trump’s toxic agenda. Anyone who has a retirement savings plan with investments in the market has seen their assets rise dramatically since November, 2016. The economy has surged since then and new jobs are being created at a blistering pace. Any economist will tell you once the unemployment rate has fallen to four per cent, which is where it’s at right now, you essentially have full employment. That is the test. The environment, health care and wildlife and wild places have all suffered terribly since the election and the deficit is poised to explode. 
In the 13 months since the Trump administration took office America has essentially been transformed into an authoritarian state. But if you’re a white male or female from a good socioeconomic background and you routinely check your portfolio and consider your job prospects, it looks like things are on the upswing. So what do you do? Do you feel your resistance slipping away? Do you become quieter, more muted in your criticism? Do you shrug your shoulders when those who will lose their health care are thrown on the streets? Do you look away when minorities and newcomers of different faiths are treated like criminals? That is the question facing all progressives. That is your moment of truth. What will you do?


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