We laughed when Trump supporters walked by wearing “Kick the Doofus” signs



By Jim Brown

The reckoning is coming for tens of millions of Trump/GOP supporters who have yet to see the light. They continue to cling stubbornly to the desperate hope that Donald Trump is actually doing his best to help them.

They continue to believe in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary that Donald Trump is not lying to them. That he did not cheat on his wife. That he didn’t grope several women. That he isn’t playing footsie with Russia, That he isn’t a racist, and that he actually knows something about how an economy works.

They actually swallow his denials that he didn’t stiff many of his contractors and they believe him when he brags he is a shrewd businessperson, despite declaring bankruptcy several times.

They don’t believe fact-checkers who can prove he lied more than 2,000 times since coming to office and they also don’t believe his business affairs are entangled with shady Russian oligarchs and shady financial institutions and maybe even Vladimir Putin.

They believe all of his magical conspiracy theories and they also share his conviction everyone in the Mueller investigation is a Democrat sympathizer, out to “get” him and members of his family.

His supporters continue to stand by him even when the Stormy Daniels affair threatens to topple his presidency.

They believe him when he says he can’t release his taxes, because he facing an “audit”, which must be one of the longest in history.

A fledgling cult leader must weep when he thinks of Trump and his millions of enablers. It’s probably true – he could actually walk up Fifth Avenue, shoot someone and get away with it, just as he bragged he could do during the election.

But it all must come to crashing end. The laws of physics cannot be denied for forever.

I just hope his supporters show mercy to the tens of millions of other Americans and Canadians who were not Trump supporters.

It’s funny how things work out. By way of explanation I’ll relate an incident from my high school years. Someone had pranked me by sticking a “Kick the Doofus” sign on the back of my shirt.

When I found I out, of course I felt a sharp flash of anger. But it wasn’t directed so much at the person responsible but at everyone else who sniggered and put their hands to their mouths and doubled up in laughter when I passed them. I was broiling mad – at the people who knew about the sign, who saw it, but refused to tell me for the longest half hour of my life.

That’s what I fear will happen to Trump supporters when they finally learn they’ve been the butt of a cruel joke extending for years. The first questions they will ask are, “Why didn’t anyone say anything? Why did they let me go on making a fool of myself, buying the MAGA hats and merchandise, threatening to commit harm to media outlets and the other presidential nominee? Why did they let me become a troll for Trump?”

God help us all then. I for one do not want to be put in a position where I will have an angry, foam-flecked Trump supporter screaming at me. Or worse yet, face a Trump supporter’s wracking sobs of embarrassment and shame. Did I do all I could to help them? Could I have put another meme or post on Facebook? Could No. 8,349 actually have been the one to turn the tide for at least one Trump supporter?

Instead of deleting supporters from my Facebook feed could I have messaged them instead, warned them in more stark, direct language about Trump? Instead of telling one Trump supporter 514 times he was headed down a dark alley, why didn’t I organize an intervention with my social media friends?

There is so much more we could have done. And the newspapers, the so-called “Commie-press” or the “Fake News” could have gone the extra mile, too. Could they not have doubled the size of their text, added more cartoons of Trump committing his misdeeds to help literacy-challenged supporters (much of his base) get a clearer grasp of what was going on? And let’s not get into CNN and MSNBC and those other liberal outlets that completely dropped the ball.

I’m afraid we all let them down. We turned our backs and sniggered when they walked past us wearing “Kick the Doofus” signs.

And now we shall pay for our failure to look out for others less fortunate than ourselves.

They may never forgive us.




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